Sunday, February 18, 2007


I seriously do not recommend moving. I just moved into a new place last December and between Christmas, New Year's and work, I am still surrounded by boxes. Finding a new place seems exciting at first. But then you have to pack, and that's when the migraines start. You suddenly realize that you have enough stuff for 10 people. And not great stuff but old, ugly, moldy stuff that you forgot about and should have thrown out years ago. My mother is a pack rat, and she keeps everything. I found old notebooks from when I was in grade school; my mother's clothes from the 1960s which smell really, really bad; not to mention my grandfather's old suitcase dating back to when he fought in the Korean war. After finally getting rid of everything, you then have pack all your earthly belongings in boxes, label them, and the make sure that the movers do not steal anything. Then when you get to your new place, you have to unpack everything that you worked so hard to pack. I also realized that my mother brought along a lot of old stuff that she fished out of the garbage. So take may advice, find a place to live and live there until you die.